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2004.11.30 - BoxOffice News

The thanksgiving weekend provided for a few surprises. National Treasure continues to surprise and keeps its top position for the second weekend, ins spite of reviews going from bad to worse. With $32M, the movie now totals $87M after 10 days, including the thanksgiving weekend.

The Incredibles continues its juggernaut assault on the US box office over the Thanksgiving weekend, adding $24M. The movie passed the $200M mark and is so far tracking in line with what Finding Nemo did last year.

Christmas with the Kranks did better than expected given the terrible reviews it got. An opening weekend of $22M is not bad at all.

Polar Express, The rebounded somewhat with $19M, taking it closer to the $100M mark. Although it cost $300M to make, crosing the $100M milestone domestically makes it somewhat less of a failure.

SpongeBob SquarePants was not able to maintain its success from its opening weekend. All the fans have rushed to see the movie, and not much is left. With $18M though, and a total currently sitting at almost $60M, the movie is definitely a big success.

Finally, with close to $14M, Alexander is a huge disappointment. Here is another mega-budget movie (estimated at $200M) which crashed at the box office. 2004 has definitely been a banner year for mega-budget movies completely failing at the box office.

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