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BoxOffice News (2004.10.13)

2004.10.19 - BoxOffice News

Shark Tale continues its rampage at the box office with $22M in its third weekend. It's also the third time in a row that it finished first, making it the second movie this year after The Passion Of The Christ to achieve this.

Friday Night Lights continues to surprise with a lower than expected drop off from its first weekend. With $12.2M this weekend, it now totals $38M and could show strong legs, pushing it past $50M.

Team America: World Police is the bigger surprise of this weekend. In spite of great reviews and great reception from those who have seen the movie so far, it only managed to do $12.1M. This is about half of the predictions, and much lower than what South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut, Matt Stone and Trey Parker's previous 1999 big screen endeavor, did. This is bad since Team America has less of a built-in audience, and therefore, is expected to have weaker legs than the South Park film.

In spite of bad reviews, Shall We Dance?, a remake of the 1996 Japanese surprise hit of the same name managed to make $11.8M on its opening weekend, which is not bad for a romantic comedy. The star power of Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez is definitely the cause here.

Finally, after all the bad mouthing regarding Ladder 49 and the John Travolta curse, the movie finally passed the $50M mark. Not bad, but still not good.

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DVD Covers: 4,000 (2004.10.24)
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BoxOffice News (2004.10.13)