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2005.01.04 - BoxOffice News

Meet the Fockers is stunning everybody with mega numbers. In 12 days so far, the movie has pulled in $162.5M. This is outstanding for a comedy that received very mediocre reviews and was expected to pull in $50M, mayber $75M at most. This is the second weekend in top position.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events continues with disappointing numbers. After now 17 days, it still hasn't crossed $100M. That should happen next week hopefully.

Aviator, The benefitted from a theater expansion and pulled in 11.4M, now totalling $31.5M. As an Oscar hopefull, there is a chance the movie will pull in more in the next few months.

Fat Albert is another surprise at the box office, showing very strong legs. About $10M this weekend now puts it at $33.3M total. This is another film critics dissed and analyst marked in at barely $20M.

In Other news, Ocean's Twelve continues to disappoint, National Treasure keeps on trucking and passed $150M, Polar Express, The passed $150M as well, and Incredibles, The broke the $250M milestone.

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