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2005.01.19 - BoxOffice News

Coach Carter, with only 2,500 screens, did a great opening weekend with $24M. It is getting strong reviews, which suggests it could repeat last year's surprise sports hit Friday Night Lights which made $61M. For a country that is so in love with sports, sport-themed movies actually generally do not perform so well in the US.

Meet the Fockers continues to pull in incredible numbers. It's finally been unseated from the top spot, but with an additional $19M in its fourth weekend, its tally now sits at $231M. Definitely a surprise big hit. It will reach $250M next week, or shortly thereafter, thus becoming the 5th money maker of 2004, passing Harry Potter 3, The Prisoner Of Azkaban by. The following week, it will climb up to fourth position, overtaking The Incredibles which made "only" $256M (how sad!). It will end there after that since the next movie in line is The Passion Of The Christ with $370M, a big difference between the third and fourth place. Meet the Fockers won't reach that.

Elektra, unfortunately, does not look like a hit at all. With only $13M and terrible reviews, in spite of Jennifer Gartner's great appeal, won't do well: the movie may not even reach $40M. Its budget is estimated at over $60M.

White Noise adds $12M and it will most certainly pass the $50M milestone in the next week or two.

Finally, Aviator, The only managed $5M in spite of the Golden Globe Best Film award it received this weekend. It may help the movie a little bit next weekend, but for this weekend, the effect was pretty flat.

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