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2005.01.24 - BoxOffice News

For most of the north east in the US, this weekend saw a huge snow storm. Just in New York City, we had a good 15-20 inches of snow. This had to affect the box office right? It did. With barely $91M grossed in for the top 20 movies this weekend, the numbers were weak, to say the least as many large cities in the north east of the US are large movie markets.

Are We There Yet? was the camp this weekend with $18.6M. The reviews are average, in line with Johnson Family Vacation last year which topped at $31M.

Coach Carter fell by more than 50% on its second weekend and barely made $10M. Because of the snow storm though, it's too early to say whether the movie is finished or not.

Meet the Fockers is finally falling. It made less than $10M this weekend and didn't reach the $250M mark yet. It won't be long now and the film should become the fourth largest gross of 2004.

Assault On Precinct 13 is a remake of the distinguished John Carpenter movie of the same name made almost 30 years ago. The reviews are better than expected but the movie still sumbled at the opening gate. With $6.5M, no one can say this movie is a success. However, once again, with the snow storm, we won't really know until next weekend.

Aviator, The was expected to pick up some good numbers this weekend because of the Golden Globe awards it got last week. It din't, although, again, because of the snow storm...

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