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2004.03.18 - DVD News

The much-wanted The Name Of The Rose from french director Jean-Jacques Annaud and featuring Sean Connery is finally going to come out on DVD. It is expected from Warner, with anamorphic widescreen, and featurind DD5.1 sound. Also from Warner is a 2-disk special edition of Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon.

Miramax will release a special edition of Danny Boyle's Trainspotting.

Columbia TriStar will release a long awaited Deluxe Edition of Spiderman which many fans hope will be a full fledge special edition. The previously released DVD was a sub-par special edition that had many fans screaming for more. Finally, an Unrated Director's Cut of Underworld is also expected to be released by Columbia TriStar. I personally really enjoyed this flick, but Columbia Tristar has disappointed many times before with Super Duper Ultra Special Editions that were nothing super duper. So let's keep our fingers crossed, and we'll get back to you as soon as we get more details. We hope it's not a director's cut that's just 2mn longer.

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