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2005.01.31 - BoxOffice News

Hide & Seek is the number one film this weekend. With $22M, it exceeded most expectations by a slight margin. Most predictions had it just under $20M. Sporting an impressive cast, and good reviews, the movie may do well in the long run.

Are We There Yet? did not collapse and managed to add another $16M. This is really good. Another weekend half as good, and the movie will cross the $50M milestone.

Million Dollar Baby saw a major expansion this weekend, and now shows in over 2000 theaters. With $12M, the numbers are really good. This weekend, the movie, and Clint Eastwood, its director and star, won the DGA (Director Guild of America) awards. This puts the movie and the director now in pole position for the Oscars. Clint is in great form, following the amazing Mystic River in 2003 with this film now.

Meet the Fockers added $8M to its coffers, now totalling a tiny bit over $258M. It is now officially the 4th highest ggrossing film of 2004 (find the full list here)

Aviator, The did OK and pulled in an additional $8M. The total is now close to $70M. Still not enough to make up for its large budget, and with the recent DGA awards for Million Dollar Baby, many people involved with that film must feel even more disappointed, especially wonder-director Marty, given the movie's diminished hopes for Oscar glory.

Assault On Precinct 13 is opfficially a big bomb as it only managed $4.3M in its second weekend. The movie might not even break the $25M mark as it now sits only slightly below $15M.

Finally, notaly absent in the top 10 this weekend is the new release Alone in the Dark. With horrid reviews, and a fairly bad track record from the director and production team, the movie will be remembered as one of the worst movies in a long time, and one of the worst box office too.

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