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Natural Disaster In South-East Asia (2004.12.27)
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2004.12.22 - BoxOffice News

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events finished first this weekend with $30M, which is much less than the blockbuster results many analysts had predicted. With merely good reviews, it is to be seen whether the movie will be able to make a profit before its run it over. At $100M just for the production budget (figure an additional $50M for promotions), it needs to break $250M to make a profit.

Ocean's Twelve performed in line with expectations and dropped seriously in its second weekend. With $18M, it now totals close to $70M.

Spanglish, with only $8.8M is a disappointment, and with only OK reviews, may not be a success.

The Polar Express however continues to surprise. It's no longer considered a disaster, but still. It may show a profit at the very end of its run after the international run, the home video market, and finally, Cable and TV.

Blade: Trinity continues to fall apart with $6.8M in its second weekend. With $35M now in the bank, it is unlikely the movie will break $50M. This is a big disappointment, at least for the US market. Blade is another one of those movies this year that really fails to meet expectations in the US market, but surpasses them on the international market.

National Treasure continues to do well, and with over $130M now in the bank, a total of $150M is possible.

Finally, The Incredibles keeps on falling and only a Christmad rebound will help it pass the $250M mark.

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Natural Disaster In South-East Asia (2004.12.27)
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BoxOffice News (2004.12.14)