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2005.02.25 - Oscars Weekend

I hope you all have a great time this weekend, and be sure not to miss the 77th Oscars ceremony this Sunday night. There will be a lot of suspense for sure.

Annette Benning is being nominated for the third time and people seem to agree that she pulled in a great performance in Being Julia. However, everybody also pretty much agreed last time around, when she was nominated for American Beauty, and she ended up losing to Hillary Swank in Boys Don't Cry. Guess what. Hillary Swank is being nominated again this year, for Million Dollar Baby. So who will it be? Will Annette Benning be finally rewarded, or will Hillary Swank beat her to the punch for the second time in a row? Swank is getting rave reviews for her performance at a level that Benning doesn't seem to have reached.

Another battle of the great will take place between Martin Scorsese for The Aviator and Clint Eastwood for Million Dollar Baby. Even though Scorsese is one of the most important directors who ever lived, he has never been rewarded by the Academy, and even though his latest film has gathered mixed reviews, many believe that he may bring back home the gold for the body of his career, if not for the movie itself. On the other hand, Clint is used to Oscar glory and is one of the towering stars of Hollywood. His latest movie is getting amazing reviews, and has one pretty much most of the awards given out this year so far and so is a favorite, if only by a thin margin.

I personally believe that The Aviator will clean out most of the technical awards it was nominated for while Million Dollar Baby will get the important awards. There is only one thing for sure this year: the Best Actor is pretty much a given as Jamie Foxx will win for Ray. Oh, and of course, i am personally rooting for The Incredibles to win over Shrek 2 in the Best Animated Feature category. Shrek 2 might have been the undeniable king of the 2004 box office, but The Incredibles was.... incredible!

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