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Oscars Weekend (2005.02.25)

2005.03.01 - BoxOffice News

Have you all had a good weekend. The Oscars were fun, if a little bit predictable. Poor Marty lost out to Clint and poor Annette lost out to Hillary. It was somewhat predictable, but still a heartbreak nonetheless. As widely expected, Jamie Foxx won the Best Actor Oscar for Ray, and i am so happy that The Incredibles won.

Now, on to the Box Office numbers for the week. Although less than last weekend, which was a holliday here in the US, the numbers came up better than expected for an Oscars weekend.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman was the massive surprise this weekend and ended up number one, beating all expectations by a wide margin. With such a low theater count (less than 1,500), and spotty marketing, the movie still made an amazing $22M. you can be sure that the movie will expand a lot for next week and will quickly be considered a hit. However, the reviews absolutely don't support such a success (3.7 rating on IMDB for example!), so it might just be a fluke and collapse next week.

Hitch fell to second place, but not by much, and beat most expectations, again. with a little bit over $20M, the movie easily crossed the $100M bar over the week (first film to do so this year so far) and now sits at $121M. The movie will easily make $150M, so the real question is whether it will make $200M.

Constantine fell apart and only managed $12M in its second weekend. Poor reviews and poor word of mouth are taking a toll for sure. It's uncertain if the movie will reach $100M at all.

Cursed, the new Wes Craven flick and with $9.6M and poor reviews... You do the math. Man of the House also opened this weekend and with less than $9M and bad reviews... same deal here.

Million Dollar Baby and The Aviator did not see a significant jump this weekend but should see some rewards from their Oscar wins next weekend. The Aviator may yet cross $100M.

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Reviews and DVD Covers (2005.03.05)
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Oscars Weekend (2005.02.25)