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2005.03.08 - BoxOffice News

I do not know what's happening these days, but it seems that industry predictions are all wrong. The public definitely has a mind of its own. This week, it's The Pacifier that provided the big surprise. Reviews were bad, and the most aggressive industry analysts were predicting a $20M opening. With $31M, the movie completely blew past any of those numbers and was the undisputable hit of the weekend. It may fall apart next week, but $50M is pretty much assured now.

Be Cool performed in line with expectations with $24M but the reviews are mediocre, calling the film uninventive. The original, Get Shorty was a minor hit with $72M that this sequel may have a hard time matching.

Hitch continues to do very well with an additional $12M. The movie should break $150M next week, or shortly thereafter.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman lost half of its numbers in spite of a theater expansion with $11M. Based on the success from last week, the theater expansion was less than expected (1,703 Vs 1,483 last week) but should have helped. The drop off signals the movie may not have legs to reach $50M. It now totals $37M.

Million Dollar Baby did not see as high a jump as expected after its Oscar glory. With only $8.1M, it passed the $75M milestone. Reaching $100Mwill be tough.

The Jacket is another film opening this weekend, but poor marketing and the small theater count (1,331) pretty much guaranteed a disappointing result. With $2.7M, this thriller will not last long.

Finally, The Aviator is the another example of how Oscars did not help much this year. With $2.3M, is getting an inch closer to $100M.

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