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2005.03.14 - BoxOffice News

Robots wins the weekend with $36M but disappoints as the industry word had it closer to $50M.

The Pacifier dropped below 30% on its second weekend which is very good. With $18M, the movie is now close to $55M.

Be Cool dropped more than 50% and given that last weekend's opening was not that great to start with, you can fo the math. With $10M, it is nearing $40M.

Hostage opened today but with average reviews, and not-so-great marketing, the movie opened only with $10M. Bruce Willis is definitely not as big a draw to the theaters as he once was.

Hitch suffered from a big drop this weekend, and fif not cross the $150M. That will happen this week of course, but any aspirations for $200M are now just that, aspirations.

Million Dollar Baby adds another $5M and is about to cross $85M.

Finally, Diary of a Mad Black Woman is collapsing with under $5M this weekend, and a current total of $44M. With a monster opening of over $20M, a total of $50 seemed all but assured. Now, it will barely make it before its run is over.

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