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2005.02.08 - BoxOffice News

With the Superbowl this weekend in the US, we were all expecting the box office to crash. Not so. It certainly took a dip compared to last weekend, but when you look at past years, the dip has been significantly smaller than before.

Boogeyman beat expectations with an $19M opening weekend. This is good news for producer Sam Raimi, of Spiderman fame. However, the movie did most of the business on Friday and Saturday, leading to think that the movie will not have legs to do well next weekend. For a total production and promotion budget estimated at $50M, it may yet become a financial success before its run is over, and will certainly make the money in the home market.

Wedding Date, The now enjoys the dubious honor of being called one of the worst movies is recent memory. However, it still made $11M in its opening weekend. If the word of mouth is as terrible as we think it will be, look for the movie to crash next weekend.

Are We There Yet? is now officially a financial success with a total of $51M. The movie is showing great leags and pulled in $11M in its third weekend.

Hide & Seek however is crashing in its second weekend with only $9M. he reviews continue on being average at best, and the prime cast is not helping it seems.

Million Dollar Baby finally adds $8.5M to its coffers, certainly helped by all the awards buzz its getting. Hillary Swank and Morgan Freeman just got the SAG awards this weekend and so the movie is now the overall favorite for Oscar time.

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