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2005.03.21 - BoxOffice News

The Ring 2 is the champ this weekend, which is not a surprise. However, with "only" $35M, most of which happened on Friday and Saturday, the results are not good. This indicates that the film prety much collapsed on Sunday, and given the nature of this film (horror sequel), repeating the feats of the first one will represent a miracle. It is unlikely the movie will make $100M.

Robots also saw quite a disappointing weekend with a sophomore result of only $21M. This is a little bit over 40% less than last weekend. Unless the movie picks up some steam next weekend (Easter), then it is unlike to go much further than $100M.

The Pacifier is the one holdover that did beter than expected, once again, and with $12.5M this weekend, it now sits at a comfortable $72M. The movie has a chance to hit $100M which should establish it as a great succes.

Ice Princess opened this weekend and fell flat. With barely $7M in the bank, after some huge marketing effort, this movie is likely to leave the theaters before long.

Hitch continues to do great and show good legs. With about $6.5M, the movie is a hair away from hitting $160M and some marketing push may still enable it to reach $200M.

Hostage and Be Cool are really not doing well, and Oscar material Million Dollar Baby and The Aviator continue to add a few millions to their coffers, slowly but surely. Aviatorin particular just passed $100M.

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