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2005.03.29 - BoxOffice News

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. According to the Box Office numbes, not many of you went to the movies and this weekend saw a sharp drop off from last weekend, and even sharper drop from Easter 2004. Well, i guess the comparison is not fair since this year has yet to see a monster hit such as Passion Of The Christ, and many films so far this year have been performing below expectations.

Guess Who met the expectations for its opening weekend at least, with almost $21M. Given the bad reviews however, the movie may already have its best days behind. Reaching $50M will not be easy.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous however completely failed to meet expectations. The sequel to 2000's surprise hit Miss Congeniality barely made $14M, and with the terrible reviews, it definitely doesn't look good for Sandra Bullock's first starring role in 2 years.

The Ring 2 continues to disappoint sharply as it fell some 60% on its second weekend. With under $14M, the film now has made almost $58M, and hitting the $100M mark seems unlikely.

Robots Also continues to disappoint somehow. With $13M in its third weekend, the movie is getting a little bit closer to the $100M mark, but it's going to be tough. The movie is not entirely a failure, but many are still disappointed as they expected a sure hit.

The Pacifier however has had the reverse effect. It is already considered a surprise hit when most in the industry simply had no confidence in it at all. With over $8M in its fourth weekend, the movie just passed $85M, and $100M should be happening before its run is over.

Hitch, another surprise hit that had the industry doubting, now sits at an incredible $166M, and its run is not over quite yet. The movie will most likely reach $175M.

As for the hold-overs, Million Dollar Baby is getting close to $100M but may not quite reach it. Internationally, the movie is showing steady legs and has already made over $50M. Sideways, with an additional $500K just passed the $70M mark (with in addition close to $30M internationally). This is such a strange success as this movie was never in the top 10 during its entire run, and yet, has become a hit by any measure. Bride and Prejudice is about to hit $6M, and The Aviator will settle at a little over $100M. And finally, Meet the Fockers still figures in the top 20 and now sits at some $278M. Add to that another $220M on the international market! This movie is about to break half a billion dollars worldwide. Do you understand this?

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