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2005.04.06 - BoxOffice News

Sin City easily got the first spot this weekend with $29M. With great reviews, and an assured cult effect from master of the genre Roberto Rodriguez, the movie is likely to reach at least $75M, producing a small profit for its estimated $40M production budget (add to that advertizing and distribution costs of course).

Beauty Shop opened mid-week and only managed $13M over the weekend. Not a good indicator for the success of the movie.

Guess Who adds just under $13M in its second weekend. With $41M so far, the movie is pretty much assured to beat $50M and will be considered a small success.

Robots passed the $100Mmark, the second film after Hitch to have done so this year so far.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous dropped severely in its second weekend and barely managed $8M.

Pacifier, The added another $6M and now sits at a little bit over $96M. It will become over the next 2 weeks the third film to hit $100M this year.

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