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2005.04.13 - BoxOffice News

Sahara, not surprisingly, took the first spot this weekend, although the numbers are much lower than expected. For a movie that cost $140M to make, opening with $18.1M on over 3,100 screens is not good at all. and with the bad word of mouth starting, and mediocre reviews, the chances for this movie to make even $50M are in danger.

Sin City, with $14.2M however just passed the $50M milestone and is about to make a profit soon (the movie cost an estimated $40M to produce). It's definitely considered a success already, and a sequel has reportedly been green-lit.

Fever Pitch is another wide opening this week with almost 3,300 screens. Thr results however are as disappointing as those for Sahara with only $12.4M.

Kung Fu Hustle is a limited release this weekend, before opening wide on the 22nd throughout the US. It only made $270K, but on only 7 screens. This bodes well for it to become a mini success states-side, after having been one of the largest blockbuster in recent memory across Asia. I wrote a review for the film here.

Guess Who passed the $50M mark and Beauty Shop barely added another $7M, totalling now just above $26M. Robots continues past the $100M milestone and Pacifier, The just reached it, making it the third film this year to have done so so far. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous is not so lucky and is collapsing. With only $37M so far in its third weekend, it will unlikely reach $50M.

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