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2005.04.27 - BoxOffice News

Interpreter, The took first place this weekend with close to $23M. This is better than expected and given the decent reviews, may well reach $75M. This would still be considered a financial problem given the $80M production budget.

Amityville Horror, The is holding very well on its second weekend to bring in an additional $14M. The movie has already made over $43M and for a production estimated at $20M and an advertising budget around $30M, the movie will make a good profit before everything is over and done. This is a small hit.

Sahara also held up better than expected and made $9M. The movie is about to cross the $50M mark, which is not good given the movie's $130M production budget.

Finally, Kung Fu Hustle, for which we published a review here, did not do as good as some had expected. With a massive expansion to over 2,500 theaters this weekend, the movie only managed $6.7M. The movie will definitely have trouble going past $15M which is a disappointment given how good the film is, the amazing reviews, and the current penchant from US audiences for Asian fares. The movie was a phenomenal success internationally though so the studios were already happy no matter what would have happened for the US release.

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