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2004.03.24 - Industry News

Paul Winfield Died Sunday March 7th 2004: Paul Winfield, who received an Oscar nomination for Sounder and went on to play Martin Luther King Jr. in the highly acclaimed King miniseries, died in Los Angeles of a heart attack, at 62. The younger generation will remember him in Terminator and Star Trek 2, The Wrath Of Khan

Nicole Kidman And Jennifer Lopez Team Up: The 2 are set to colaborate on a new movie musical American Darlings, where a white female swing band enlists the help of black and Hispanic musicians. Kidman is reportedly going to be the Executive Producer.

Charlize Theron In Tears: Charlize Theron, who recently won a much deserved Oscar for her performance in Monster, was in tears after Nelson Mandela praised her: "You have put South Africa on the map". Wiping away her tears, she said: "I love you so much". A few days before, current president Thabo Mbeki also congratulated her. The actress left South Africa when she was 16, after a traumatic childhood, having witnessed her mother kill her violent father.

Lethal Weapon 5?: Hollywood heavyweight Mel Gibson is in talks with director Richard Donner to make a fifth Lethal Weapon film. The 4th chapter in the series was release in 1998.

Monica Bellucci Is Expecting: Italian goddess Monica Bellucci, 39, seen recently in the Matrix sequels and in The Passion Of The Christ, is pregnant with her first child. Bellucci and her French husband Vincent Cassel married in 1999, but had relationship problems in 2002 and split after starring in the ultra violent controversial movie Irreversible. Cassel will star in Ocean's Twelve, the next George Clooney film (for which he has been reportedly paid close to $50M!).

Slamming Bush Over Gay Mariage: Alan Cumming, who portrayed Nightcrawler in the recent X-Men 2 has slammed American President George W Bush's stance on gay marriage. The openly bisexual star, 39, said: "He wants to amend the Constitution to ban gay marriage. I think he is wrong and out of step with the way attitudes are changing around the world. Why shouldn't everyone have the option to go and officially register their relationship? But more importantly to me, why should gay people not get the health, tax and other benefits for their partners and families that straight people get".

Paris Hilton Needs a Driver's Licence: The producers of Paris Hilton's hit sitcom The Simple Life have hit a snag as they plan a road trip sequel: Paris, like yours truly, can't drive. She, and Nicole Richie are planning to drive across America in a pink pick-up truck as part of a new series, staying only in trailer parks en route.

Mel Gibson And Bush: Mel Gibson is considering ditching his support for George W Bush, after questioning his handling of the Iraq War. He is a staunch Republican, but admits he now has "doubts" about him: "It's all to do with these weapons of mass destruction that we can't seem to find, and why did we go over there?"

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Industry News (2004.03.24)
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