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2005.05.03 - BoxOffice News

With only $21M, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , The starts off as a disappointment. However, the film's production budget was under $50M, meaning that the movie should see a profit internationally even if in the US, it now looks like it will have trouble reaching even $75M.

Interpreter, The however managed a very good second weekend and with almost $14M, it now sits at slightly over $43M. The film looks like it will have long legs, which should help it reach profitability, in spite of its high production budget.

XXX: State of the Union is definitely a major disappointment. In spite of the massive, and expensive, advertizing campaign, the movie only managed $12.7M. The reviews are very bad, and so the movie may become the first real big bomb of 2005.

On other news, Amityville Horror, The passed the $50M mark and is now a bonafide hit financially speaking. Sahara also passed the $50M this week,but the financial picture is really bad as the movie cost $130M just to produce. Finally,Kung Fu Hustle made an additional $3M this weekend, and now sits at just below $13M.

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