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2005.05.17 - BoxOffice News

It's been what, 10 weeks at least that i have opened my BoxOffice news update with the same words? Last weekend was yet another disappointing weekend. Most new movies came under expectations, and the little splash of last week got slashed in half and will crash and burn. With a total box office under $100M for the top 20 films this weekend, the movie industry is really getting worried. Ticket sales this year so far are about 6% below what they were last year at the same period, and that's in Dollar amounts. This means that since ticket prices have gone up, attendance has been much lower indeed.

Monster-in-Law was the hit of the week with over $23M in ticket sales. This is Jennifer Lopez's biggest opening. However, poor reviews sugest that the movie simply won't have legs as good as Miss Lopez's.

Kicking and Screaming, the latest Will Ferrell however was not so lucky for its opening weekend. With slightly above $20M, the movie will have a hard time matching his previous hits.

Unleashed was also somewhat of a disappointment and barely managed to break the $10M mark. Jet Li's films are notorious for attracting his fans when it opens, but then quickly getting out of the theaters. Jet Li's legs may be amazing, but his movies don't have much legs to speak of. this was also one of his most expensive movie, and making a profit will be difficult.

Kingdom of Heaven, which was supposed to be the first blockbuster of the year ended up with a disappointing opening last weekend and crashed and burnt this weekend. With only $9.6M in sales, the movie has so far made slightly above $35M. I'll remind you that this was a movie that cost about $110M just to produce.

Crash however is showing surprising legs and will pass the $20M mark this week. The reviews are very good, and the word of mouth seems to hold up well. This is a small success already. House of Wax however is not. With not even $7M in its second weekend, the movie fell apart. It will most likely not reach $35M. And finally, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy barely managed $5M in its third weekend, bringing up its tally to $43.5M. the movie will struggle to pass the $50M bar.

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Star Wars Fever (2005.05.20)
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