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Star Wars Fever (2005.05.20)

2005.05.23 - BoxOffice News

As expected, pretty much, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith has an incredible opening and broke a number of records: Largest midnight showing ($16.9M); Largest Opening Day and Largest single Day ($50.1M); tied Fastest to $100M (3 days); and Largest 4-Day Opening ($158.4M). It came in second for Largest Weekend with $108.5M. Add to that an impresssive $150M in international sales, and the movie has already crossed the $300M mark worldwide in 4 days. Impressive! The movie cost an estimated $120M to make so Lucas is already seeing great profits. Now, everybody is looking out for other records to fall such as Fastest to $200M (currently held by Spiderman 2 (2004) in 8 days), Fastest To $300M and $400M (currently held by Shrek 2 (2004) in 18 and 43 days respectively). The reviews are decidely mixed, but the public seems to really dig the film, so there may be a slight chance of also breaking the still number one box office champ Titanic (1997) which grossed an astonishing $600M.

With such a juggernaut, the other films this weekend did not get much spotlight at all. Monster-in-Law piled in an additional $14.4M and now sits at $44M. The movie is already considered a success and may revive Jennifer Lopez's ailing movie carreer.

Kicking and Screaming added another $11M and now sits at about $34M. This movie is a disappointment to say the least. This is Will Ferrell's second strike since the great and successful Elf, so he should watch out on his next effort or he'll drop out of the A-List.

Crash continues its march slowly but surely. The movie has amazing legs, which allowed it to add $5.5M and now sits at almost $28M. The word of mouth is fantastic and the movie continues to attract viewers. This is quite amazing given that the film opened three weeks ago already, and that was with $9.1M. These days, most films consider themselves lucky if they drop less that 50% in their second weekend.

Finally, Kingdom of Heaven made $3.5M this weekend and will most lilely not break the $50M mark. This must be so disappointing for director Ridley Scott.

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Industry News (2005.05.31)
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Star Wars Fever (2005.05.20)