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2005.05.31 - BoxOffice News

As expected, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith pulled in first for the long 4-day Memorial weekend in the US. With $55.2M over the 3-day weekend, and an additional $14.8M on Monday, the movie pulled in a cool $70M. The movie now sits at $270.5M after only 12 days at the box office in the US. Given last week's performance internationally, the movie has already passed the $500M mark worldwide. The movie will likely beat the record of fastest to $300M which has been held by Shrek 2 so far.

Longest Yard, The is one of two major openings this weekend and although it finished second on the 3-day weekend with $47.6M, it fell off on Monday with only $11M. Total for the 4-day weekend? $58.6M, which is actually third place.

Madagascar took the second spot on the 4-day weekend with $61M and that shows the movie may yet be a success with good word of mouth. $150M to $200M is not out of the question. People may have predicted the movie's failure a little bit too soon. Dreamworks Animation's stock lost 9.12% today alone based on those predictions, so this may end up being a buy opportunity.

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BoxOffice News (2005.06.07)
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Industry News (2005.05.31)