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2005.06.07 - BoxOffice News

This weekend was very disapointing overall, with a drop-off slightly below 30% compared to last weekend, and, more importantly, a drop-off slightly over 30% compared to the same weekend last year, the box office in the US continues to dip. The numbers are now sitting 6.7% below last year's numbers. The top three this week are running in a pack.

Madagascar was the champ this weekend with $28.1M. This is really good and the family nature of the film is helping. It has passed the $100M milestone, the fifth film this year to do so.

Longest Yard, The managed to steal the second place, defying critics' predictions. The movie will easily pass the $100M mark sometimes this week. This is good for Adam Sandler though since this will be his 6th film in a row to go over $100M.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith's numbers are tailing off. With a third place this weekend and $25.1M, the movie crossed the $300M mark (in 17 days), breaking the previous record owned by Shrek 2 (2004) (18 days). However, seeing how the numbers are flattening, many question whether the movie will cross $400M if at all.

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BoxOffice News (2005.06.16)
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