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2005.06.16 - BoxOffice News

First, i need to apologize to all of you reading the BoxOffice news each week and expecting to see the weekend numbers posted on Tuesdays. My day job has kept me ultra busy this week and i only got to post the numbers tonight. Sorry for the delay.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith was a big hit with $50M this weekend. The industry was somewhat worried that the romantic rumors about the lead couple, and the fact that Angelina Jolie might have been responsible for the divorce between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, would have overshadowed the movie itself. Obviously, one more proof that there is no such thing as bad publicity. We are all curious to see how the movie will do next week given the strong competition it will get from the well reviewed, and much expected, Batman Begins.

Madagascar continues to do great. It easily passed the $100M mark last week and now sits right below $130M. Given the coming vacation, and long 4th of july weekend, the movie may have a chance to reach $200M.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith added another $15M in the bank for its 4th weekend. The movie now sits at $332M in the US, and almost $350 internationally. Worldwide, the movie will close on the $700M mark in the coming week and will struggle to reach 1B.

Cinderella Man continues to baffle pretty much everyone. It has great reviews, and a big Oscar buzz, but the audience is not buying tickets. The movie cost about $85M to make, not counting marketing, and will barely break the $50M mark. Some insiders think that the movie might get re-released in the fall, which is actually the Oscar season. Makes sense. Honeymooners, The is a disaster without precedent. Once of the worst reviewed movie in history (has a 1.6 grade on the IMDB), the movie opened with $5.5M. Expect a serious drop off next weekend. Finally, the interesting French gore horror slasher thriller High Tension disappointed greatly with barely $2M in the US. The film was very cheap to make though, and did OK internationally, so anything in the US should be gravy. Well, wait a minute. The movie was fairly aggressively marketted, That cost some bucks. Hmmmm.....

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