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ActionFilmRating/ReviewView CountCommentsDirector
Pick the film  1 This movie has an online cover Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) N/A1 (Sep 27, 2004) Edit Comment N/A; N/AAng Lee
Pick the film  2  Escalier C (1985) N/A0 Edit Comment N/A; N/AJean Charles Tacchella
Pick the film  3  High Heels (1991) N/A0 Edit Comment N/A; N/APedro Almodovar
Pick the film  4 This movie has an online cover Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2005) N/A1 (Jun 18, 2006) Edit Comment N/A; N/AShane Black
Pick the film  5 This movie has an online cover Like Water For Chocolate (1992) N/A1 (May 17, 2002) Edit Comment N/A; N/AAlfonso Arau
Pick the film  6 This movie has an online cover Radio Days (1987) N/A1 Edit Comment N/A; N/AWoody Allen
Pick the film  7  Time Masters (1982) N/A2 Edit Comment N/A; N/ARené Laloux
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