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Pick the film  1 This movie has an online cover Adaptation (2002) B+ (7.6) *0 Edit Comment N/ASpike Jonze
Pick the film  2 This movie has an online cover Lord Of The Rings 2, The Two Towers, The (2002) B (6.79) *0 Edit Comment N/APeter Jackson
Pick the film  3 This movie has an online cover Catch Me If You Can (2002) B+ (7.44) *0 Edit Comment N/ASteven Spielberg
Pick the film  4  Since You Went Away (1944) B (6.79) *0 Edit Comment N/AJohn Cromwell
Pick the film  5 This movie has an online cover Gangs Of New York (2002) C (3.75) *0 Edit Comment N/AMartin Scorsese
Pick the film  6 This movie has an online cover Holiday (1938) B- (5.76) *1 (Dec 16, 2002) Edit Comment N/AGeorge Cukor
Pick the film  7 This movie has an online cover Solaris (1972) C- (3.53) *1 (Dec 1, 2002) Edit Comment N/AAndrei Tarkovsky
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